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What is Enplug?#

The Enplug system allows to present rich digital signage content on a network of displays. There are two parts of the system:

  • Dashboard - a website ( which acts as a CMS (Content Management System) and allows to configure the displayed content and manage the network of displays.
  • Player - a piece of software running on Enplug Devices, Web browsers or other devices. It is what displays the content and is often connected to an HD screen.

The content is generated by various Apps available in the Enplug system. These docs explain how these apps work and how to implement new ones.

How apps work?#

To start, let's clarify a few concepts.

The content is presented on Displays. A Display can be an Enplug Device, a Web browser running a special direct link to the WebPlayer, or even the Enplug Screensaver. The Displays are combined into Display Groups.

Each app allows you to create assets to customize the content and those customizations/assets can be assigned to the previously-mentioned Display Groups. Then, the software running on each display belonging to certain Display Group rotates through all assets added to that group.

To develop your app, you actually need to develop two apps, one for each part of the system:

  • Dashboard part which will be responsible for the setup of the assets. It is a Web application run in an iframe within the ( website.


  • Player part presenting the content. It is also a Web application running in an iframe.


Enplug provides special JavaScript SDKs for both parts of your app which allow you to save, modify, remove the assets, display messages and dialog boxes, fetch the asset's value and much more.